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Fiona Nightingale is not your average university drop-out. Having left a prestigious computer science degree at the University of Cambridge, Fiona left higher education to pursue her dream of innovating in the AI space, choosing to do that through business instead. Fiona founded Nanomax with a simple underlying goal: to create general AI that can create meaningful social interactions. Now Fiona is at the helm of a 100-strong company, having secured over £60m in funding, with a commercial release of the company's first product just around the corner.



Phillip Richards has found, managed and sold several companies in his time, but left his most recent - and lucrative - venture to join Nanomax, and help realise the vision of Fiona Nightingale. To date, Phillip has raised over £60m for Nanomax, growing the company from six employees to over a hundred, and in turn making the Acolyte project a reality.



There's a reason you can't read or watch anything about artificial intelligence without seeing a mention of Nanomax or the Acolyte project, and that reason is: Lisa Harding. Lisa has helped put the company - and its vision for the future of digital assistants - on the map, and in turn made Fiona Nightingale a household name in the tech world.



A familiar and respected name in Silicon Valley, John Harris has worked for the biggest players in the tech scene, but decided to join Nanomax to help put a new company on the map. After a decade in the military, Harris has worked in artificial intelligence for the remiander of his career, and is now responsible for overseeing the innovation at the heart of the Acolyte project.



Eileen Chau is the Chief Data Officer at Nanomax, responsible for all the customer data the company owns, and ensuring it adheres to the correct handling. Eileen is also a huge force for good within the company, responsible for arranging various charity drives - including a recent charity golf tournament.


Principal Engineer

Daniel Tan has been with Nanomax since day one - there at Fiona Nightingale's side as one of the first six employees of the company. A lifelong believer in the power of artificial intelligence, Daniel found his calling with the Acolyte project and now has more lines of code under his belt than anybody else on the team. Daniel is an aficianado of all things sci-fi, with his career driven and inspired by the works of Asimov

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